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Ron Paul Zealots Respect No Rules But Their Own by Dan Burdish

This is from a post on Facebook. Since many do not have facebook, I am posting this here with credit to the author. I am going to select a few replies – without names – to flush out the content. … Continue reading

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Michele Bachmann: Once on the short list – now she is at the bottom of the long list

Once a strong contender for my short list of candidates I now find that I cannot trust Michele Bachmann to make solid choices or to surround herself with a good team if she were to be President of the United … Continue reading

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GOP candidates, the message and is Bachmann a true contender or a potential sellout?

I have not made up my mind on who will make the best candidate for USA President in 2012.  I am still researching, paying attention and thinking. I will say this much:  The GOP needs to run their campaigns on … Continue reading

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