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White Privilege – Those who are successful due to hard work over centuries on the part of generations of families or solely in this generation. Typically, lighter complexioned yet some are labeled with white privilege when they are successful yet do not toe the party lines. These terms are used by those who have been either too bamboozled by the left to create their own prosperity or they have been too lazy.

This attitude is cultivated by other countries that have mocked the USA citizenry for their hard work ethic and success. The countries that prefer to hold dominion over their citizens and squeeze every last cent from them in order for the elite to live privileged lives.

WHITE PRIVILEGE…aka jealousy, covetousness, greed, theft on the part of those who do not succeed or who want the green grass on the other side of the fence

WHITE PRIVILEGE… Mart Payne, 5 years old, picks from 10 to 20 pounds a day. Mother said: “Mart, he haint old nuff to go to school much, but he kin pick his 20 pounds a day. Mostly 10 or 15 … Continue reading

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