GOP candidates, the message and is Bachmann a true contender or a potential sellout?

I have not made up my mind on who will make the best candidate for USA President in 2012.  I am still researching, paying attention and thinking.

I will say this much:  The GOP needs to run their campaigns on a positive note, meaning: Do not bash the GOP competition. Emphasize your own strengths.  Do not give fodder to the left.  The left will fabricate, lie, twist enough as it is.  The GOP does not need to do the left’s work for them much less hand it to them on a platinum platter. In other words, take a page from some of the best sports teams out there.  When they win, they do not bash the other team.  They just state the facts:  The other team is great, our team is better!

 The GOP needs to focus on their message as well.  Currently it is so wishy-washy there is no substance.  Focus on jobs.  Focus on helping people understand why small businesses are important.  Help people understand that taxes, fees, etc,  hurt businesses.  Which hurts the people even more in that the businesses must pass those costs on to the buyers and employees.  Focus on removing all components of ObamaCare.  Focus on what true competition (over state lines) will do to decrease health insurance costs.  Help people understand that frivolous lawsuits are not the same as legitimate claims – that tort reform does not mean legitimate lawsuits will be impeded.  Focus on the importance of being an AMERICAN first and a subset after that.   Focus on healing our country first – “physician heal thyself” are words of wisdom to live by.  Do not assume that a generic statement will be interpreted correctly – remember the left is always there to add their own interpretation so be clear!

CLEAR UP the MESSAGE.  SUCCINCT, CONCISE, EFFICIENT.  EDUCATE the people who have been mesmerized by lies on the part of the left.   Remember – people have lost their jobs, they worry about losing their shelter, food and their lives.

 What prompted this commentary?  The mushy message of the GOP.  The GOP’s lack of ability to interpret what the people are demanding from their politicians and finally Michelle Bachmann’s latest fiasco.

In summation:  

 This year’s campaign should be run with positives on the part of the candidates:  focus on the strengths the candidate has – not the perceived weaknesses of a different candidate.  The left will fabricate and lie enough as it is – they do not need more help from our side.  Think and act like a winning team: The other team is great, we are better!

 Clean up the GOP message. Be concise, clear, inform and educate.

Those who claim to represent the Tea Party, we are watching you.

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