Why are USA Americans falling for the con job of Europeans, Marxists and others jealous of the USA’s success?

We fought a battle in the mid-1700s for freedom from oppression and taxation.

We fought a battle against politically correctness.

We fought a battle against the special interest groups (nobles, elitists).

What has happened to us? Once upon a time a person could call us names and we would reply with a quip like “Sticks & Stones” – however if that same person attacked a family member, a friend, our country we would be all over them and they would rue the day they opened their hateful mouths.

Now we have Europe invading us via Marxism.

We are the most fortunate nation in the world – and people find fault with their lives.

A couple in Lake Tahoe – in a nice RV – in a nice parking lot – was whining about how awful it was that it was raining.

We are talking about LAKE TAHOE! Shelter in luxury and safe – yet they had to whine about the rain????

We have people attacking others for daring to speaking up an out – just like the nobles did of centuries gone by.

Instigate the people to attack one another and they will not see what they themselves are doing to the country.


The USA is the last place on earth that truly has freedoms. If you continue letting the politically correct police attack your speech – you are laying down and saying kick me, beat me, let me eat slop. You may THINK you will be spared – however even you – in your cowardly self-centered soul – realize the fact that you can be kicked under the curve just as easily as the next person.

So tell me – why do you want to go down in history as a coward? Why do you want to go down in history as a person easily fooled by mass media that is controlled by the government (Nazi Germany, USSR, China, Venezuela, CUBA, etc etc etc).

One last comment – maybe McCarthy had it right – look at all of the communists/Marxists there are in Hollywood. Look at our governement – the Democrat party is no longer the one most of us grew up with. They are elitist Marxists that are making sure their beds are comfy – at the people’s expense. The Republicans are a bunch of cowards – too full of blue blood cowardly phony manners to the point they will lose the battle as the Brits did to the PEOPLE OF THE USA… Because we fight to win and we do not play games with our loved ones.

So those of you who do not wake up and see that our country is being invaded both from within and externally – you who side with the ones who want to enslave you – you become the people on the wrong side of the war.


USA is successful… the old, jaded, jealous countries that prefer to dictate to the people (thinking the people do not have their own dreams and lives) how to live their lives … they are working you over and you are falling for the scam.


USA is the best country around – founded on ideals that allows EVERYONE to be successful.

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