We are ALL Americans. United we Stand – divided we fall.

There is a tweeter friend who said it well about the RNC 2012 on twitter – “What black folks? I see Americans.” That tweeter is a black man who is proud to be an American and he gets it.

I am so fed up with the left dividing America. When did we become such a nation divided by stuff: gender, race, success, political views? When did we start beating up on people for viewing life differently? When did we start throwing our bedroom into the faces of others and begin identifying ourselves by our bedroom antics?

UGH – let’s get back on track people. We have the greatest country in history – why are we allowing other countries to tell us we are bad? WE are for freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We believe in success. Those other countries are envy ridden, jaded failures who do not like the success of others for it shows how they made wrong decisions.

WHY are we letting misguided Americans who truly do not care about us – tell us they are more intelligent than us because they went to X school and obtained Y degree?

Even though their educational knowledge is based upon re-writing and manipulation of academics.

Why have we fallen for their snake oil? Why do we let them divide us?

We are ALL Americans. United we Stand – divided we fall.

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