Ron Paul Zealots Respect No Rules But Their Own by Dan Burdish

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Ron Paul Zealots Respect No Rules But Their Own by Dan Burdish.
by Republican Security Council on Sunday, September 2, 2012 at 2:14pm ·
(Editorial Note: Dan Burdish is the former executive director of the Nevada Republican Party and directed the Gingrich campaign in the state. He was an alternate delegate to the convention.)!/notes/republican-security-council/ron-paul-zealots-respect-no-rules-but-their-own-by-dan-burdish/314887105277134

Nevada’s delegates to the Republican National Convention showed a lack of class and acted like spoiled brats during Tuesday’s roll call vote for the nomination of Mitt Romney for president. Under national and state party rules, they were required to cast 22 votes for Mr. Romney and six votes for Rep. Ron Paul. Instead they cast 17 votes for Rep. Paul, five votes for Mitt Romney and five delegates abstained.

■The actions by these fanatical zealots are not the actions of most Ron Paul supporters. The egregious actions of those delegates who broke their oaths are theirs alone and should not cast a pall over the sane Paul supporters. Unfortunately, all Paul supporters will now be lumped in with these few zealots, and that is the worst part of this whole situation.

For the past four years we have heard the mantra from the Paul supporters to “follow the rules,” but when the time came for them to follow the rules they threw out the book and decided they knew better than the voters of Nevada, who showed up at the caucuses and overwhelmingly supported Mr. Romney.

Delegation leader Wayne Terhune is squealing like that the GOP changed the rules. Get over it. You didn’t have the votes, and you lost. Four years ago, you changed the rules and disrupted the Nevada Republican State Convention at the last minute and created a scenario where the national party selected our delegates to the national convention. Rep. Paul’s backers supported last-minute changes to the rules of the Clark County (Las Vegas) and state conventions and helped drive out fair-minded Republicans from both these meetings.

■In Clark County, Paul supporters tried to change the rules on how the caucus votes were counted, and when they lost that fight they threatened litigation to try and get their way. They’re happy when they control the votes and can change the rules to their satisfaction.

If Rep. Paul’s Nevada supporters believe in liberty, as they so love to say, they will support Mr. Romney in November. If they do not do so, they will show their true colors.

Comments from facebook

The RNC was right to change the rules for the future. Paul only received 27% of the caucus vote in Minnesota…. but claimed 80% of the delegates. Santorum was the winner with 45% on caucus night, but got just 2 delegates (or 5%), and Romney received one. This isn’t how it’s supposed to work. What these delegates from Nevada and Minnesota did was just vote the way they personally wanted to, not based on who the delegates had been allocated to.

All this new rule does is work to insure that delegates in the future remain true to the candidate they are allocated to.

Anyone who has followed the primaries and the events leading up to the convention should know by now that Ron Paul is always cheated (in his supporter’s minds) out of his due because there was no way he could have lost if things were “fair.”
Truth is, he lost because of a mixture of things pertaining to his supporters anarchic and hatefully intolerant obstructionism over the course of the primaries (major turnoff) to Paul’s own frighteningly unrealistic foreign policy and his inability to understand that America’s economy does not work the same way a lemonade stand does
. No one is ever going to get anywhere in politics with his approach, and his career is proof of that.

His supporters were going to insist they were cheated no mattered what happened because many of them actually believed going into the convention that Paul would still win the nomination. Those who didn’t believes this still were merely looking to make a scene as they have in past alongside OWS.

The irony here is that they themselves were the ones who in the end resorted to breaking the rules in the face of what they insisted was fraud on the GOP’s part just to try and get attention.

Over the course of the past year, they have been a disgracefully disrespectful embarrassment to all of us and are in no way essential to our success moving forward as the anarchic fringe of politics.


Ron Paul is not a good choice. We already have a thug in the white house. A man who wasn’t a power hungry zealot would have kept his supporters in check.


The Ron Paul supporters have been the embarrassment for the Repubs for months! I remember how rude and obnoxious they were at the debates! They screamed and yelled rude, disguting things at the candiates they disagreed with and screamed like a bunch of tiny boppers when Paul opened his mouth! I was disgusted then and still am over people are so rude and disrespectful of others! Fortunately, Paul is going home to stay, but his crew will someone else to be obnoxious in the future, no doubt! Because I removed my membership all Tea Party groups, Freedom Works and the rest and moved on to the Republican Party instead of nutcases!


This cult mentality is frightening. It’s one thing to advocate for a cause, but this is bordering on OWS, WBC, et al. I fear they have alienated themselves and their cause this past campaign season.


This is what I kept telling everyone for the past week on why the Republican National Committee at the convention were doing what they were doing on the rule changes to make it all or nothing because they were trying to prevent these LOONS
from pushing THEIR guy like they’ve been doing all along. I swear I’m more convinced than ever that they have been helping the Obama administration along so they can make the country so bad that they figured RP would win by default…….they are as liberal and sleazy as the Obama people!


I was embarrassed for the Paul people in Nevada as well as Virginia! There is always a group of people unhappy with things at election time… But the actions of these are traitorous to our country! Grow up and get over it!!!


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