Cliven Bundy – responses & comments by others

Via Cloud9 who commented/replied to the author (Mr. Common Sense himself, ET Williams) of this well thought out and well laid out video ET Williams’ YouTube video.

Very well done ET. Now for the other side of your listener.

So you’ve let the MEDIA “tell” you what Mr. Bundy ‘meant’and NOW many of you have you’re panties wadded up. Nice independent thinking on your part.

Now, let’s look at it differently, without the “media” spin.

Remember after the Civil War, the one where the pretext (what the gov/media wanted you to believe) was to “Free the Slaves.” Remember how the slave owners, a.k.a. “Masters” were NOT going to provide FREE food or housing any more (what today would be called EBC cards and “Project” housing) to their former slaves. If the former “slaves” were not going to starve or go without housing they were going to have to WORK for “themselves!” They could no longer suckle off the tit of the Masters for their food and housing as slaves for now they were “FREE” to succeed or to fail. Since the ONLY skills they had been taught as former slaves was to pick cotton, THAT was the ONLY work they, in general, were qualified to do.

And pick cotton they did. And those that chose FREEDOM over slavery worked their asses off to show others AND themselves that they were FREEMEN and FREEWOMEN who didn’t NEED the handout of their former “MASTERS” (government).

In my opinion THIS is what Mr. Bundy meant, NOT what the ‘media” wants you to “believe” he meant. Mr. Bundy wants those “modern day slaves” to get off the porch of slavery, quit suckling on the tit of the “MASTERS” (government) for ‘free food and housing’ and “WORK” (pick cotton) for “themselves”… to be FREEMEN and FREEWOMEN… like he is.

And THAT IS WHY HE FIGHTS for his FREEDOMS. Because in doing so, he fights for YOUR freedoms… because THAT is what FREEMEN DO!!

The “media” (controlled by the government) wanted to get more people on the side of the MASTERS/government by shouting the RACE CARD. It’s called propaganda. Propaganda is used to make people THINK a certain way. And all of a sudden LOOK how many people are suddenly interested in the story the ‘media/government’ is telling… now that the race card has been played. WHY were you NOT interested before? WHEN YOUR FREEDOMS ARE AT STAKE!! But you join in when someone yells ‘race’. YOU are NOT free people, you are slaves.

YOU, fell for it just like good little sheeple.

Media: “I say ‘baaaahhh. Now you say baaaahhh. Good, VERY good!”

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