Columbus Day and out of control PC

History is important. We are the GREAT Nation we are due to our history. Stop trying to change history – be proud of where we came from and where we are now. Otherwise, our Country and the World loses.

Unlike those who want to re-write and dishonor history – I celebrate our history. The Indians in America invaded America from other countries AND they fought amongst themselves horribly. EVERY country in this world has been invaded. OUR Country stood as one of the GREATEST in history – as we were a melting pot. UNTIL – the left started separating us by color, gender, age, socio-economic, sexual preference, etc. UNTIL – the left tossed out God and the fact that we are AL…L one people – UNITED like the UNITED States.
No – Christopher Columbus was not the first to land on these shores. YES – he thought he had landed elsewhere. HOWEVER – without him – we might not have become the wonderful country we are….
So get over your politically correct inaccurate attitude and be grateful about our freedoms. Be grateful the tribes were not fully destroyed and they have their own patches of land (which is FAR better than other conquered countries received). Be grateful that you came here instead of from where your ancestors lived – for those are still primitive areas that are filled with barbaric ways.
~ Dolphie

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