Michele Bachmann: Once on the short list – now she is at the bottom of the long list

Once a strong contender for my short list of candidates I now find that I cannot trust Michele Bachmann to make solid choices or to surround herself with a good team if she were to be President of the United States of America.   Ms Bachmann shows poor choice in the team member(s) she surrounds herself with during a campaign.  She does not see the destruction of the tactics the team member employs.  She does not have the backbone to call her team member out on his tactics.  This tells me she will not be a good leader nor would she be a good second in command for the United States of America. 

 Ms Bachmann has such poor insight into people that she hired a person like Rollins.  By hiring someone like Ed Rollins she shows a lack of insight and proper research into people.  Look at Rollins’ track record and tactics – very opposite to what Bachmann claims to believe.  Very opposite to the Tea Party or better stated: the voting silent majority.  Rollins is a cog in the machine that is the ailment within the GOP – people who have lost sight of the Constitution and the GREATNESS of this country.  Rollins is another sellout – like the country club GOP we are currently stuck with.   Bachmann has proven she cannot decipher qualities from snake oil.

Ms Bachmann is oblivious to the damage inflicted by Rollins.  Another flaw.  A POTUS must be aware of comments towards all persons.  A slight comment can result in war or turn an ally into a foe.

Bachmann does not have sufficient backbone to call Rollins on his comments.  Once again, too weak to lead our great nation.

Bachmann has no loyalty.  She stabbed Sarah Palin in the back at the first opportunity.  Palin came to Bachmann’s aid during a downturn in Bachmann’s political path.   Palin supported Bachmann and Bachmann’s campaign and gave all credit to Bachmann.

With the move to make the Tea Party part of the establishment [Tea Party Caucus], she clued us in that she does not comprehend what the Tea Party is all about.  The Tea Party movement is most definitely NOT a political party.  The movement does not have ‘leaders’ as the people are their own bosses.  It is the voice of America.  It is a group of like minded individuals who have varying views on how to achieve similar end results:  neighbors, friends, family.   The Gentle Giant.   People who appreciate individuality, character and characters – as opposed to the robotic everyone must be on the same page politically correct cowards in charge of the media and politics today.  The Tea Party consists of people who love this country.  The Silent Majority that made the mistake of trusting the politicians to love and protect our incredible country is speaking up and out. 

Bachmann does not get it – however, she can speak the correct words and use the people to achieve her goal.  In parallel, she is poisoning this free flowing group of individuals by trying to corral them into some type of mold with a leader. 

The hiring of a machine cog as her campaign manager, the inability to comprehend the damage his status quo actions/comments inflicts, the inability to stand up to the cog, creating another political party out of a movement – is she really what we need for this country?  Another SELLOUT on the right?  Another weak person as POTUS?   Is she another BO only on the right in the matter of making poor choices in team members?

 In summation:

Bachmann is showing that she does not have the qualities to lead this great country and that she may have a tendency to be another sellout in the face of challenges. She makes poor choices in the team she is building, does not see when comments/actions are damaging, she is unable to apologize for her campaign manager and she is unable to stand up to the campaign manager.  Poor choice in support team, unable to see the picture in full, unable to stand up to a team member leads to a conclusion that she is not leadership material.

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  1. Carol Legarra says:

    A very comprehensive study of Ms Bachmann pertaining to her possible candidacy for president. I hope you will continue with in depth analysis of additional possible candidates. Educating others is the key. Many don’t have the time or inclination to do the homework. It is going to take people like you who are willing to do their part towards educating the perspective voters for the 2012 election. It is the only chance we have towards finding the right leader for this wonderful country.

    I look forward to reading more.

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