Self-Righteous Pompous “Outraged” Guilty Right aka Puppets of the Left

When are the people on the Right going to get over self-righteous pomposity long enough to STOP taking every opportunity to be OUTRAGED!

The Right is as bad as the Left at this stage of the game.
Twisting content to fit a narrative they want to achieve then playing the puppets of the Left.

Stand back and THINK – for that is what the Right USED to do.

Think clearly. Don’t insert hidden meanings into statements that are not there.

Stop reacting with your FeelZ and start analyzing not only questions and answers – start looking at the bigger picture.

Otherwise – you are the Left.

BTW – I do not care which pundit you follow. Many of them are not looking at full content. They are spinning just like you are. They have their biases just like you do.

If you don’t like what I am saying – remove yourselves from my page. Seriously.

I do not go for gossips. I don’t like FakeNews.

I INSIST upon INTELLECTUAL HONESTY. That means FACTS not innuendos. FACTS and not opinions. FACTS and not rumors.

As stated before – I do not go for the constantly seeking negative approach many of you appear to utilize.

You can twist the POTUS’ words all you want. I read them differently. My mind is not contaminated with hatred, anger nor is it contaminated with a bruised ego that seeks some way to salvage a win.

I WANT THE USA TO WIN. I WANT the USA to be Listened to and Respected.

Those of you who want DT to be Presidential one moment and non-Presidential the next need to get your act together. Do you want him to do what is best for this country or not?

And don’t you DARE try to insult me by using that Leftist tactic of calling me a Trumper.

I have been against Trump longer than some of you have been alive and for DEEPER reasons than you can vaguely comprehend. I have been against him since before it was the popular thing to do.

For him to do what he did to Cruz and family – I DO NOT FORGIVE HIM.

However – I am not as petty as many of you apparently are. I am not going to Un-guilt myself as a Conservative by trying to fault his every move.

When he actually does something against the Constitution and/or the USA – THEN I will go after him.

So far – he has been doing what he said he would do.

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