Columbus Day and out of control PC

History is important. We are the GREAT Nation we are due to our history. Stop trying to change history – be proud of where we came from and where we are now. Otherwise, our Country and the World loses.

Unlike those who want to re-write and dishonor history – I celebrate our history. The Indians in America invaded America from other countries AND they fought amongst themselves horribly. EVERY country in this world has been invaded. OUR Country stood as one of the GREATEST in history – as we were a melting pot. UNTIL – the left started separating us by color, gender, age, socio-economic, sexual preference, etc. UNTIL – the left tossed out God and the fact that we are AL…L one people – UNITED like the UNITED States.
No – Christopher Columbus was not the first to land on these shores. YES – he thought he had landed elsewhere. HOWEVER – without him – we might not have become the wonderful country we are….
So get over your politically correct inaccurate attitude and be grateful about our freedoms. Be grateful the tribes were not fully destroyed and they have their own patches of land (which is FAR better than other conquered countries received). Be grateful that you came here instead of from where your ancestors lived – for those are still primitive areas that are filled with barbaric ways.
~ Dolphie

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Cliven Bundy – responses & comments by others

Via Cloud9 who commented/replied to the author (Mr. Common Sense himself, ET Williams) of this well thought out and well laid out video ET Williams’ YouTube video.

Very well done ET. Now for the other side of your listener.

So you’ve let the MEDIA “tell” you what Mr. Bundy ‘meant’and NOW many of you have you’re panties wadded up. Nice independent thinking on your part.

Now, let’s look at it differently, without the “media” spin.

Remember after the Civil War, the one where the pretext (what the gov/media wanted you to believe) was to “Free the Slaves.” Remember how the slave owners, a.k.a. “Masters” were NOT going to provide FREE food or housing any more (what today would be called EBC cards and “Project” housing) to their former slaves. If the former “slaves” were not going to starve or go without housing they were going to have to WORK for “themselves!” They could no longer suckle off the tit of the Masters for their food and housing as slaves for now they were “FREE” to succeed or to fail. Since the ONLY skills they had been taught as former slaves was to pick cotton, THAT was the ONLY work they, in general, were qualified to do.

And pick cotton they did. And those that chose FREEDOM over slavery worked their asses off to show others AND themselves that they were FREEMEN and FREEWOMEN who didn’t NEED the handout of their former “MASTERS” (government).

In my opinion THIS is what Mr. Bundy meant, NOT what the ‘media” wants you to “believe” he meant. Mr. Bundy wants those “modern day slaves” to get off the porch of slavery, quit suckling on the tit of the “MASTERS” (government) for ‘free food and housing’ and “WORK” (pick cotton) for “themselves”… to be FREEMEN and FREEWOMEN… like he is.

And THAT IS WHY HE FIGHTS for his FREEDOMS. Because in doing so, he fights for YOUR freedoms… because THAT is what FREEMEN DO!!

The “media” (controlled by the government) wanted to get more people on the side of the MASTERS/government by shouting the RACE CARD. It’s called propaganda. Propaganda is used to make people THINK a certain way. And all of a sudden LOOK how many people are suddenly interested in the story the ‘media/government’ is telling… now that the race card has been played. WHY were you NOT interested before? WHEN YOUR FREEDOMS ARE AT STAKE!! But you join in when someone yells ‘race’. YOU are NOT free people, you are slaves.

YOU, fell for it just like good little sheeple.

Media: “I say ‘baaaahhh. Now you say baaaahhh. Good, VERY good!”

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Bullying liars to the left of me, cowards to the right

The cowards are those who are quick to turn on a simple rancher for not being eloquent in speech and who dared to utter what many of us state in more savvy and evasive terms.  Instead of facing the truth and waging the battle against redefinition and revisionist history, the cowards to the right of me shriek: “Oh my, the left says he uttered racisms, let’s run and hide before we are accused of being racists.”  I mean, its not as if  the left doesn’t drop the race card every time it is losing a battle or anything.   To the left of me are the bullying liars who are in actuality the main offenders.  The lying bullies are those like Media Matters [MM], which would not utter the truth if it was stuffed within its mouth,  and New York Times [NYT] which takes the residuals of their former glory to attack a sweet, simple and good man.  A man who is protecting his family, his land, animals and who is fighting a battle for all the American people (interpreted for the racist left: including minorities) who are not of the elitist political class of life.  Finally, to the cowards on the right:  Nice of you to help the left take the spotlight off a corrupt Senator, off a corrupt family of the Senator, off the Federal government grabbing lands, off the bullying tactics of an out of control government against a simple ranching family and instead focusing it on a fake, trumped up non-issue.  You never did get down to the facts of the case – you were too busy trying to make sure you smelled like roses.  My biggest issue is with those on the RIGHT who are quick to throw this man under the bus.  You threw all of your credibility away when you jumped the shark, landed on the racism bandwagon of the left as you yell “I never agreed with that man and knew there was something wrong with him from the beginning.”   SHAME ON YOU COWARDS.

Big bad NYT and MM – oh so proud of taking a dirty bomb and landing it on a simple, sweet gentleman who has a heart so immense it hurts for ALL of God’s creatures.   How long were you poised so that you could pounce on the teeniest of words such that you could twist and exploit them?  By the way, great touch with editing the video – you would make NBC proud.  Tell me NYT and MM, are you proud of yourselves for attacking a good man by twisting and editing what was said in an interview?  You have shredded the last bit of nobility you once wore in this country and have placed yourself into the same mold of the tabloids:  Cheap, lying, exaggerated, tainted fodder.  The great journalists and those who built the NYT into the great Grey Lady are rolling over in their graves. 

The rancher said what many of us have said:  We the People have become the slaves of government.  He went a step further and said what more of us have been saying for quite some time: When you are delegated to a special group that requires special privileges – you become a lesser than.  When you become a lesser than you lose the ability to succeed on your own merits. You will always owe others for a perceived success.  In current times, the ‘others’ is the government and the race baiters.   

The United States of America is about success for all humankind – equally, not separately.  We are the only country in the world in which a person can come from the most extremes of poverty and become the wealthiest in the world.  Those with physical handicaps are no longer resigned to living in a freak show, instead they can become successful in life.  

As soon as you tell someone they require extra help, you steal from them their ability to become the best they desire to be.  You keep them in a cage, beholden to the cage keeper.  In America the cage keepers are: NAACP, La Raza, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Julian Castro, MECHA, LULAC, Democrats, Academia, government, equal opportunity rulings, etc.  Cesar Chavez knew this.  Frederick Douglass know this as well. Neither Chavez or Douglass engaged in race baiting, poor me tactics.  They were simply great successful people.

As soon as you label someone you create divisions and lose the perspective of the whole.  A {insert minority}-American will never be a full American.  They will only be a partial American unable to attain the best America has to offer.

The rancher spoke with wisdom:  Truth, honesty and looking a situation in the face will open the door towards resolution.  We are _all_ slaves in the current state of government.  Did he point out poor people and mention the words blacks and Mexicans, sure.  So what?  If he were in the Ozarks he would have mentioned the poor in the doorways there as being whites.  He is so non-racist he does not even realize there are racists out there like you elitists on the right and left that will twist his words.  He sees people as people, not race. 

The way to remove the bonds of slavery is to stop those who make money off the down trodden.  We have politicians stealing from U.S. Citizens.  We have politicians stealing success from groups of people by convincing them they need handouts and stealing their self-pride. We have a willing media, who, instead of keeping a check on the government is too busy wagging its tail to please the politicians. Race baiters, race baiting politicians, race baiting media – all here to suppress all Americans except for a select few. Peer pressure at its finest. Working to enslave the people all the while decrying enslavement. What hypocrites.

Finally – nice maneuver folks on the right and left.  Let’s take the spotlight off the corrupt senator from Nevada.  Let’s take the spotlight off the land grabs occurring across the U.S. Instead, let’s create a fake situation pretending that because a man is white and a rancher he must be a racist.  Shame on him for not mincing words and going straight to the point.  Shame on him for being a regular American who cares more about people, the land, the animals, freedom and our country than about being an eloquent manure spreader aka elitist left or right winger. 

As indicated above – I expect the left to be its usual hateful, mono-visioned, talking point focused self. However, sadly, I expected more from the right.  I have been sadly disappointed in many of you.   You tossed this sweet man under the bridge at the drop of a hat.  Why? Because he does not speak in circles, he is not adept in front of the cameras – he TRUSTS people.   You disgusting cowards do not deserve this man’s trust. 

You threw all of your credibility away when you jumped the shark, landed on the racism bandwagon of the left as you yell “I never agreed with that man and knew there was something wrong with him from the beginning.”   SHAME ON YOU COWARDS.

I am already disgusted with many of you on the right relative to the original events.  You allowed the left to divide you.  You did not conduct due diligence and jumped on the fact that InfoWars was involved, thus assuming this was not worthy of solid attention.  Why didn’t YOU go out and conduct some true research so that we did not have to rely on hysteria mongering InfoWars?  Why didn’t you look into the man’s legal documents that track his actions as being legally and morally justified.  Why didn’t you correct the lies of the left?  Why didn’t you seek solid Constitutional Legal Counsel for this rancher.  Obviously, his story is the tip of the iceberg. 

Instead, you attacked the people who were sincerely digging to get to the bottom of things.  You allowed the left to peer pressure you into attacking your own.  Why?  Because some on the right are sincere and conduct good research and you are jealous of them.  SHAME on you PETTY SMALL PEOPLE. 

In summation:  Another … SQUIRREL!  Smoke and Mirrors.

To the bullying liars on the left – you faked a story and just added to why you are held in low opinion.  Are there any on the left who still operate with honor, integrity and a solid moral and ethical compass?  None that I have seen in quite some time.  

To the Cowards on the right:  Prior to the current faked outrage – where were you, besides falling down on the job and bashing those who were conducting due diligence in their reporting?  Instead of setting out to help sort through the distortions of a few extremists and speaking with the rancher face to face, you fell down on the job.  Why were you not conducting REAL research and getting REAL Constitutional attorneys involved to help fight for our country?  Instead you were slow and thus upset that someone else beat you to a story.  Then you were afraid that rural America might embarrass you.  I guess to you this justifies you excoriating the rancher.

The rancher had already embarrassed you by standing tall on a topic you turned a blind eye to all the while you pretended to be on top of the subject.  You missed out on reporting his story because you were too full of yourselves, so instead you have chosen to join ranks with the left in an effort to diminish the importance of his battle.   But, you know what?  You lose. 

You proved to us that you are no better than the left.  You are petty, bickering, stab in the back, snobs who think you are on top of subject matter.  You are as obsolete as the left is because you have forgotten what is truly important. 



*** Update *** [04/25/2014]

I would like to add another analogy for those on the right who are quick to toss Americans under the bus when the left tosses out the race card (which most of us expected to occur when they saw they were losing their battle as it is their standard MO).

I wish I had thought of this analogy earlier – for it fits for many on the right.
They are like cockroaches. Shine the light and they scatter. Or in the case with the right – toss the race card in the middle of them and rather than investigating – they scamper away so fast they are like a mob on Black Friday looking to purchase a 52″ flat screen TV for $25 at WalMart.  To heck with fighting for what is right.  To heck with supporting a sweet, old man who loves people, his family, his ranch, his animals, freedom and who wants the best for everyone.  This sweet old man loves us and America so much – he has waged a battle that most people are too cowardly to engage in. But, hey! That 52″ flat screen TV for $25 is more important…. SQUIRREL!!!

Folks on the right – next time – do what you say you do.  Conduct due diligence and research before tossing Patriots under the bus.   SHAME on you.


Original interview (before NYT edit and twists):

Correct and full video – non-NYT edited video:

Mr. Bundy is an advocate for blacks and latinos:

Disgusting, falsified, UNETHICALLY edited video by Media Matters AND New York Times (they would make NBC proud or upset that they were competing with NBC for the Unethical media outlet award):

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